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Dr Felicia Knaul on the massively unequal distribution of opioid painkillers.
Dec 6, 2017

Palliative care and Pain Relief: The Lancet: October 12, 2017
Felicia Knaul and Julio Frenk discuss the Commission on the global access to palliative care and pain relief, highlighting the new metric used to measure the burden, an essential package to these treatments, and integration of palliative care and pain relief into health systems.

A Global Pain Crisis
University of Miami, Oct. 12, 2017
A major Lancet Commission report, a three-year project headed by UM’s Professor Felicia Knaul and co-authored by President Julio Frenk, finds almost 26 million people die suffering, most without a 3-cent morphine tablet that could alleviate their pain.

Oppenheimer Presenta # 1645

Seminario "Lograr el Crecimiento Incluyente". Sesión Transformando los Programas de Salud para el Crecimiento Incluyente en México.

Replantear política antidrogas de México, exponen a legisladores.

She battled breast cancer for herself, and for Latin women

Escalating the fight against breast cancer

Curso "Detección temprana y manejo integral del cáncer de mama".
Dra Felicia Knaul - Cáncer de mama: prioridad apremiante para la salud de México

Science Matters with Felicia Knaul

Video: Mujeres que salvan vidas

15 nov. 2013. Felicia Knaul (right) speaks about the medical and moral imperative of closing the pain divide at the inaugural World Innovation in Health Summit in Qatar. On the panel with her, from left to right, are moderator Mishal Husain, Princess Dina Mired of Jordan, and Professor Alex Jadad. Other panelists included Sir Thomas Hughes-Hallett, co-author of the WISH  report Dying Healed: Transforming End-of-Life Care through Innovation. To watch a video of the panel, click here.

La Dra. Knaul habla con ecancer en el 5to Congreso de Control de Cáncer, en la ciudad de Lima, sobre sobre el panel en cual tomo parte.  Habló sobre el “all society approach”, un enfoque que toma en cuenta la necesidad para poder enfrentar el reto del cáncer en la región de Latino América y a nivel mundial.

La Dra. Knaul habla con ecancer en el 5to Congreso de Control de Cáncer, en la ciudad de Lima, sobre el tema de experiencias en fortalecimiento de sistemas de Salud los cuales han dado lugar a mejorar la prestación como el financiamiento del cáncer.  Nos habla también sobre el nuevo enfoque “Diagonal” que se está implementando en diferentes países, principalmente en México.  

México garantiza atención médica a mujeres con cáncer de mama. Octubre, 2013

Día Internacional de Cáncer de Mama (evento completo)
Felicia Knaul commemorates International Breast Cancer Day in Mexico on October 18, 2011.

Non- Communicable Disease Transition in Poor and Rich Countries
Felicia Knaul discusses the growing issue of NCDs that are found in both rich and poor countries

Dr. Knaul, Co-Chair of the conference and the Director of the Harvard Global Equity Initiative, talks to Global Health TV about the diagonal approach to healthcare and the inequity between low income and higher income countries with avoidable deaths.

Felicia Knaul, founder of Tomatelo a Pecho, discusses the importance of early detection and breast cancer

Special Session: Discussing Cancer in Developing Countries
Felicia Knaul participates in the June 2011 discussion on cancer and NCDs in developing countries

Mammograms: Who in the World are they Good For?
Felicia Knaul participates in The Forum hosted by Harvard University School of Public Health March 2011 discussing Mammograms and the relevance to patients.

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